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Priti Henna Art

Jagua Gel Body Art, Ready to Use Cones, Naturally made

Jagua Gel Body Art, Ready to Use Cones, Naturally made

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Jagua Gel Body Art, Ready to Use Cones, naturally made, Kit, jagua bottle, henna, handmade, henna kit.

2 - Jagua gel 20 grams

Before you buy this product please understand that body heat makes a difference in the stain. Jagua gel on different parts of the body results differently. Please see the pictures.

Jagua is a fruit and the stain requires several hours to develop, these juice are harmless on your skin.

Jagua gel is a natural Jagua henna powder with Jagua Juice. The dark blue gel of Jagua fruit results in an ultra-dark eggplant color. It is the closest thing to black that you can get naturally and safely, with no industrial dyes.

I mix the paste fresh, and it's ready to use in a hand-rolled "cone" applicator. This is the same product that I use in my body art business! Silky smooth, intense staining power and fresh, natural essential oil scent.

Once it’s applied and wash the gel in two hours. The stain cannot be seen until next 12 hours. The stain will be only visible after 12 hours and it gets darker by the days.
Jagua fruit (genipa Americana), water, and essential oil*.
* May include any of the following essential oils: tea tree, clove, eucalyptus oil, or jojoba oil.

Each cone contains approximately 15-20 grams of paste. This is enough for 5 small-sized designs, depending on how heavily you apply the lines. The kit includes instructions on how to store and use the henna cone.

************ IMPORTANT NOTICE ************

Jagua is a tropical berry, and the juice is unpasteurized. It may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. In particular, those with berry or fruit allergies should avoid products containing Jagua. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use and contact your physician.

Packaging materials are reused, to refrain from waste. I use prime envelopes, packaging tapes from Bed, Bath and Beyond as seen on my Tiktok.

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